HOME is an art video recorded inside a fragmented miniature space of a diorama. In the video, this space appears as a compact and idyllic whole with a breath of warmth and coziness of a sunshine-flooded home. However, in reality, this is a cluster of small, broken, dissected walls and facades alike those that the artist uses in her animated puppet films.


MEMENTO is based on the (un)spoken experiences and memories of my grandmother Lea Balas Vidakovic, who was deported to Auschwitz at the age of 14. The exhibition consists of animations, videos, soil, cakes, suitcases, documents and artefacts.


Through minute depiction of a tangible miniature world and it’s atmosphere, utilising visual metaphors and a range of editing approaches, this work features an open narrative structure. The animation triptych evokes the atmosphere of old Dutch paintings, where sisters are trapped in melancholy, facing the loss and emptiness over the missing one.

Splendid Isolation

Splendid Isolation is an animation triptych done in traditional puppet animation technique. With uneven durations of about 90 seconds for each, the projections run in a loop without synchronisation. The loose story is structured to depict the same character in three different locations on each projection.