Sisters, 2012.
animation triptych, 7min 48s
miniature object, mixed media, 50x50x50cm

Through minute depiction of a tangible miniature world and it’s atmosphere, utilising visual metaphors and a range of editing approaches, this work features an open narrative structure. The animation triptych evokes the atmosphere of old Dutch paintings, where sisters are trapped in melancholy, facing the loss and emptiness over the missing one. The work employs space as a narrative device and a stage where narrative strands merge and develop simultaneously. It explores alternative approaches in visual storytelling in animation, where both visuals and sound are used as tools to engage the offscreen space, expanding the story beyond the screen space, beyond what is visible.
In the exhibition space, a miniature object of an abandoned room is displayed in addition to the animated triptych. The sisters never enter this room in the movie. It is a taboo that they carefully avoid, thus it remains hidden from our eyes. However, in the exhibition, the viewer is granted an intimate look at a miniature object what appears to be a distressed semi empty room of someone who is no longer present. This space is the key to understand the movies.