Performativ conference - Trembling

Performativ conference – Trembling

“Trembling” presents the video work HOME in an adapted and somewhat modified form. It involves a camera’s journey through the space of a miniature home which is projected in a new way, adapting to a different location: the backstage of the theater, which gently distorts and fragments the projection.

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Masterclass – Cinanima 2021 – ESAD talk Portugal

As part of CINANIMA – Espinho International Animation Film Festival, where renowned names of cinema, animation and illustration pass through every year, Lea Vidakovic presents the masterclass Storytelling Approaches for Expanded Animation.

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Telling Without Telling: Animated Stories Beyond The Screen

What happens to the story when animation expands beyond the screen, beyond the cinema venue? Do the new sites (both physical and virtual) call for different content, different form of presentation? What kind of stories would we tell in these immersive environments, that alternate the screen space?

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