The Family Portrait

The story depicts a quiet Sunday afternoon in the aristocratic, family home, just before the First World War. Andras and his daughter Zsófia are caught by surprise when Andras’ brother Zoltan pays a sudden visit with his numerous twelve member family. A poetic, dark, and somewhat humorous social observation, in which family ties and relationships are broken down and dissected to pieces.


HOME is an art video recorded inside a fragmented miniature space of a diorama. In the video, this space appears as a compact and idyllic whole with a breath of warmth and coziness of a sunshine-flooded home. However, in reality, this is a cluster of small, broken, dissected walls and facades alike those that the artist uses in her animated puppet films.


An animation triptych which evokes the atmosphere of old Dutch paintings, where sisters are trapped in melancholy, facing the loss and emptiness over the missing one.

Crossed Sild

A woman and a man, whose lives are shaped by everyday monotony and fear of changes, would match and perfectly fulfil each other, if they would only get to meet. Once, this was almost about to happen…